Bev and Jon

My dear cousin Bev got married to Jon a year ago this week and I was honored to create their wedding invitations. They were planning to use lavender as one of the primary flowers, so we used a lavender design on the printed items for the big day. Here’s their invitation:

Bev & Jon Lavender Wedding Invitation

They invitations were printed at my local Office Depot and backed with metallic card stock in the color Violette from Cards & Pockets.

Bev & Jon Lavender Wedding Invitation
Bev & Jon Lavender Wedding Invitation

Invitations were mailed in metallic envelopes in the Light Amethyst color from Cards & Pockets. As a surprise to Bev and Jon, I had a custom return address stamp made with Kelly from Hello World Stamps. This one got a little smudged, but it was my last of the purple envelopes!

*That’s not their address anymore, which reminds me that I need to have a new stamp made.

*That’s not their address anymore, which reminds me that I need to have a new stamp made.

We also made a sign for the front door of the wedding venue, it was backed with the same Violette card stock as the invitations:

Bev & Jon Lavender Wedding Sign

For favors, they stuck their favorite candies into lavender mesh bags and included mini bottles of liquor, yum! We created a sticker for the tops of the mini mason jars.

Bev & Jon Lavender Wedding Favor Tag
Ben & Jon Lavender Wedding Custom Wine Label

Lastly, Bev’s stepdad is a winemaker and bottled a bunch of his Old Vine Zinfandel for the wedding and asked me to design a custom label as a surprise to Bev and Jon. I love how it turned out!

Ben & Jon Lavender Wedding custom wine label

I love how everything turned our for your beautiful wedding, congrats on your first anniversary!!

Katie's 7th Birthday

Katie's mom, Angie and I brainstormed some theme ideas for her 7th birthday party. Katie wasn't really set on a specific theme so it was up to us. Katie loves a group of books titled Groovy Joe, so we decided on a disco dance party. While I couldn't actually use images of Groovy Joe himself, I did use a pretty groovy pink disco ball and we had fun with the graphics. 

Address and rsvp info changed to protect privacy.

Address and rsvp info changed to protect privacy.

Of course, AFTER these were printed, we realized we should have called Angie "DJ Spin Master Ang" or something equally hilarious. 


As a fun party favor, Angie made these VIP passes for all of Katie's guests to wear. I LOVE how they turned out.


I may or may not have been wearing this VIP pass around my house the other day. 

Happy, happy birthday Katie! I hope you disco dance party was a blast!! XOXO!

Halloween Cootie Catcher

Last year I created this Halloween-themed cootie catcher and I put it up on Mama Say What?! as a free download. It's also for sale in my Etsy shop for a few bucks, but if you're a follower of Mama Say What?!, then you know where you can get it for free. 

I wanted to go a little more colorful than the standard black and orange usually associated with Halloween, and I love to find excuses to use purple where I can. 


My seven-year-old was happy to play with it so I could snap a few photos. He's asked if I can create one for his birthday that showcases all of his favorite things. I might just have to do that!


Happy Halloween!!

Emily's Birth Announcement

I had a blast creating the invitations and printed items for my dear friend Cari's baby shower. I also had the privilege of creating a Sip n See invitation for Cari and her husband too. Creating a birth announcement for Miss E after she was born was a real treat.

Having gorgeous newborn photos made it all that much more fun. Newborn photography by Infiniti Foto.

I loved filling in all of the stats and features for little Miss M.

For the back I created this photo collage, inspired by one I saw on to showcase all of the great photos. I love how it turned out!!

Welcome to the world Emily!! 

Ellen & Mark

Ellen and Mark were having a wedding that joined traditions from both of their families. One of those traditions was having a Chinese wedding invitation. They used my own wedding invitation as inspiration and we went from there. They really wanted to have some fun with the text.

When it came to the inserts, they wanted each one to be unique.

I love how it all turned out. Thanks guys, for sending me one of your awesome invitations. Congrats!

Kelly & Patrick

I was thrilled when Kelly, contacted me to do the invitations for her wedding. She and Patrick wanted simple and traditional invitations and we showcased a bit of a travel theme in the other items. Check it out!

They added rhinestones at the top and bottom of the invitation for a little added sparkle.

The invitation was mounted on what's called a panel pocket. Flip the invitation over and there's a pocket to hold the inserts.

It was actually quite a challenge to find envelopes that would fit an rsvp card that was sized to fit in the pocket.

For a program, we used 8.5x11 card stock and folded it in half into a small booklet. It's kind of amazing how much information you can fit! 

We even managed to fit some fun facts about the bride and groom!

Each table was named after a place that Kelly and Patrick had visited when they were dating. The back of each card told a little story about each trip.

Kelly and I created a few signs for her wedding too... but we have no photos of them. It was an honor to get to attend this wedding with my husband. But you know what? I forgot to bring my camera! I was so excited to have a dressed-up night out without kids that I completely forgot. There was even more that I could have photographed! Such is life.

Navi & Justin

Justin and Navi were such fun to work with on the printed items for their May wedding. Their wedding was going to be a formal event with lots of purples and black.

Their program was what's called a paddle fan program. Basically two pieces of printed card stock are sandwiched together with a piece of wood sticking out of the bottom. Handy and functional, especially for an outdoor wedding on a hot day!

Table numbers:

A menu was placed at each place setting.

After the wedding, Navi sent me a couple of photos from their wedding to be made into a thank you card.