Nikki & Damienn

Since my website was hacked a couple of years ago, I'm still getting some older projects added back to my blog. Nikki and Damienn's is one of them. They got married back in 2010, but their invitation still deserves a spot in the blog.

Nikki was such an awesome bride to work with. She was planning a black tie wedding for their families and we wanted the invitation to reflect that. I think we succeeded. 

Extra thanks to Nikki for being gracious enough to send me an invitation and program so I could photograph them for my website. 

She went with Perfetto pocketfolds from Cards and Pockets in a matte black and the printed items were printed on a metallic pearl card stock. 

There were just three inserts and love the pop of color that came from the metallic green rsvp envelope. The color is Fairway, also from Cards and Pockets.

We continued with a menu that was set at each place setting at the wedding reception.

For a wedding program, Nikki wanted to go with an elegant booklet that was bound with black satin ribbon. Kudos to the printing company she used for getting these black covers looking so good.

The back cover said thanks to the friends and family members who couldn't be there for the wedding. It's not easy to see, but I was stoked to see that the flourish that we used on their invitations printed beautifully in the background of the cover.

I love how all of these turned out and I hope Nikki and Damienn have enjoyed married life for the last seven-ish years. 

Abby & Mark

I had the pleasure of working with both Abby and Mark on the printed items for their summer wedding in Massachusetts. There were nautical stripes, pint glasses, crab and lobsters! And they were gracious enough to share some photos that their wedding photographer got of the items I created.

Here's what we came up with:

It's not easy to see, but there's a crab and a lobster inside the circle of their monogram; an ode to their coastal Massachusetts wedding venue. 

The program was one simple printed card.

Escort cards were simple, they printed every guest's name onto a card with a crab faded into the background. Those cards were clipped together with a matching card that listed their table number and had an image of a lobster in the background. I love the shells they used to pair each set of cards together. And, of course, they're all sitting in sand!

Each table was named after a sailboat owned by a family member at one time. We included the name of the boat along with what type of boat and the year it was built. Since we had a variety of photos (some color, some black and white), we made them all sepia-toned to stay consistent. I love how these turned out!

Lastly, Abby and Mark took the monogram that I created for them and had them printed onto pint glasses that served as favors for each guest. I LOVE these!

Such a fun wedding, congrats guys!

Brianna & Justin

I had so much fun working with Brianna on the printed items for her May wedding. Many, many thanks to them for sending me one of their beautiful invitations!!

Metallic silver pocketfolds and fuschia belly bands are from Cards and Pockets.

I love the accent of the rhinestones that Brianna added to the invitations.

We had a little fun with the swirly flourish on the inserts... when they are stacked in the pocket, the flourish is whole.

We created a simple program that consisted of a piece of 8.5x11 card stock folded in half.

Lastly, as a fun item, we created these door knob hangers for guests. Fun!!

Navi & Justin

Justin and Navi were such fun to work with on the printed items for their May wedding. Their wedding was going to be a formal event with lots of purples and black.

Their program was what's called a paddle fan program. Basically two pieces of printed card stock are sandwiched together with a piece of wood sticking out of the bottom. Handy and functional, especially for an outdoor wedding on a hot day!

Table numbers:

A menu was placed at each place setting.

After the wedding, Navi sent me a couple of photos from their wedding to be made into a thank you card.

Allison & Eion

Allison and Eion were planning a wine-themed, fall wedding, but they specifically didn't want to use graphics of grapes and leaves and vines. Allison discovered a business card that had faux wine rings on them and she was hooked. 

These were so much fun to work on!

We kept the invitation itself simple. I love the wine-colored envelopes and sage green satin ribbon. So elegant!

We added wine rings to the inserts.

The program was simple; just a piece of card stock folded in half.

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

Escort cards were done in pairs. The front card listed the guest's name and the second card listed their table.

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

Table numbers with wine rings.

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

A menu was placed at each place setting.

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

We created a sign for the candy buffet.

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

And a super fun door knob sign!

Image by Sachs Photography

Image by Sachs Photography

Everything turned out beautiful and special thanks to Allison and her wedding photographer, Sachs Photography, for sharing some lovely photos.