Kelly & Patrick

I was thrilled when Kelly, contacted me to do the invitations for her wedding. She and Patrick wanted simple and traditional invitations and we showcased a bit of a travel theme in the other items. Check it out!

They added rhinestones at the top and bottom of the invitation for a little added sparkle.

The invitation was mounted on what's called a panel pocket. Flip the invitation over and there's a pocket to hold the inserts.

It was actually quite a challenge to find envelopes that would fit an rsvp card that was sized to fit in the pocket.

For a program, we used 8.5x11 card stock and folded it in half into a small booklet. It's kind of amazing how much information you can fit! 

We even managed to fit some fun facts about the bride and groom!

Each table was named after a place that Kelly and Patrick had visited when they were dating. The back of each card told a little story about each trip.

Kelly and I created a few signs for her wedding too... but we have no photos of them. It was an honor to get to attend this wedding with my husband. But you know what? I forgot to bring my camera! I was so excited to have a dressed-up night out without kids that I completely forgot. There was even more that I could have photographed! Such is life.