Sweet Pea Baby Shower

I created this baby shower suite for my friend's baby shower a few years ago and then I expanded on the theme to create a suite that is available in my Etsy shop or can be customized.

The graphic at the top shows two peas in this mama's family, but I also have it available with just one pea.  

The invitations are sized to fit a #10 envelope and the text below the "peas join us" can be edited. There's space at the bottom to list the mom-to- be's registry info.

Simple cupcake toppers. We tried to top cupcakes with crushed Oreo cookies to give the illusion of dirt, but I don't think it was very successful.

Napkin rings. These can also be wrapped around candles or vases. 

Don't have fun swirly napkins?? I made these with some pinking shears. No need to hem!

The welcome banner!

Water bottle labels. These have a baby-themed nutritional label on the back.

Place cards. These can also be food labels for a buffet.

Favor boxes. These are about two inches cubed and are kind of a pain in the butt to assemble, but they are adorable once you're done!

Lastly, I made a baby-themed crossword puzzle. I can always customize this for clues specific to you and your family, just shoot me a message or email and we can discuss pricing.