Bridget's Bridal Shower

Bridget's future-sister-in-law Miriam asked me to create a bridal shower invitation that included sheet music of some kind since she loves music and musical theater. We kept it very feminine with lace and blush pink as well. I love how the invitation turned out!

We did a simple insert that listed rsvp information along with where Bridget was registered. 

The third thing we created I absolutely love! We created 4x6 recipe cards that were mailed with each invitation. Guests were encouraged to write down a favorite recipe that was inserted into the plastic sleeves of a photo album (hence 4x6 instead of 3.5x5). When put all together, Bridget was presented with a cookbook to start her married life with. Miriam did this with a her friend Ashley's bridal shower too!

I hope the party was a blast, stay tuned for a post sharing Bridget's wedding invitation!!

Jessica's Bridal Shower

I had the pleasure of working with Miriam on the printed items from her friend Jessica's kitchen-themed bridal shower. Decor elements included lace and burlap. 

Here's the invitation:

Each invitation included a few custom-designed recipe cards:

This sign accompanied a blank white teapot that guests were asked to sign for the bride-to-be.

This sign was on the front door welcoming guests to the shower.

Miriam also turned a photo album into a customized recipe book. I designed a cover along with divider pages that coordinated with the other printed items from the shower. Someday I hope to get a few photos so I can share. 

Congrats Jessica and I hope your shower and wedding were a blast!