Emily's Sip n See

When my dear friend Cari was expecting her second baby, she wasn't thrilled with the concept have having a baby shower since it was her second baby. Instead she opted to have a sip n see. 

Never heard of a sip n see? I hadn't either until recently. It's basically an open house that Mom and Dad host where friends and family come to meet the new baby and wish Mom and Dad well. They come by to enjoy a snack or a "sip" of something bubbly, and then go on their way, keeping the visit short. Gifts are not expected and there's rarely a registry involved. It's a tradition that I have been told is more common in the eastern United States and growing in popularity, especially when a family is welcoming their second or third (or more) baby.

Cari and her husband hosted their sip n see when their daughter was about one month old and we created a simple invitation for the occasion. I had some fun with my watercolors getting the right shades of purple to Cari's liking.

Their address has been changed to protect privacy.

Welcome to the world Emily!!!