Sanford Cellars Wine Labels

My Uncle Mark makes wine as a hobby. But not as a let's-make-a-bottle-of-wine-and-see kind of hobby, more like let's-buy-one-ton-of-grapes-and-make-twenty-gallons-of-zinfandel kind of hobby. He's entered his wine into state and county fairs and likes to give it as holiday gifts too. And as a family member, I'm always happy to help with crushing or bottling when I'm in town if the timing is right. It's fascinating to learn about the process, even down to the chemistry. 

And his Zindandel and Viognier are my favorites.

This was the first label I created when he first got started. I did the grapes and leaves in watercolor and then added the text in Photoshop.

I created this label a couple of years later using a photo that a friend took of my uncle while he was harvesting grapes.

There's actually a second version of this label where the grapes are green and his hat is red, thanks to the magic of Adobe Photoshop. That label is used when he's bottling white wine.

I think it's time for a new one... any ideas?