Matthew's Birth Announcement

When my youngest son was born this year, I had a few ideas in my head on how I wanted his birth announcement to look. When my husband saw the direction I was going with the design, he got a little upset saying, "his announcement is supposed to be the sequel!!"

He was referring to the birth announcement we created for our older son Tommy. You can see it here. My husband fully expected me to rework the Top Gun movie poster for our youngest son. 

I happily compromised and we mailed out a two-sided announcement. The design I created just for Matthew on one side and the Top Gun "sequel" on the other side. 

Middle newborn image by Earthside Birth Photography.

Top and bottom images by Cari Hollis.

Here's the movie poster that was printed on the opposite side. Top Son 2, the sequel!

Newborn image by Cari Hollis.

I really love how they turned out... especially considering I didn't get them finished and mailed until my son was six months old! Better late than never!