M's Birth Announcement

I've been lucky to be able to design a lot of fun items for this family, one of my favorite families. From their wedding to the birth announcement and birthday invitations of their oldest baby and now the announcement for their daughter!! 

All of the names have been changed to protect privacy.

For the back, I made a photo collage similar to one I saw on Minted.com a while back. I loved the diagonal lines for everything. It made for a much more dynamic collage.

A heartfelt congratulations to this beautiful family!!

Emily's Sip n See

When my dear friend Cari was expecting her second baby, she wasn't thrilled with the concept have having a baby shower since it was her second baby. Instead she opted to have a sip n see. 

Never heard of a sip n see? I hadn't either until recently. It's basically an open house that Mom and Dad host where friends and family come to meet the new baby and wish Mom and Dad well. They come by to enjoy a snack or a "sip" of something bubbly, and then go on their way, keeping the visit short. Gifts are not expected and there's rarely a registry involved. It's a tradition that I have been told is more common in the eastern United States and growing in popularity, especially when a family is welcoming their second or third (or more) baby.

Cari and her husband hosted their sip n see when their daughter was about one month old and we created a simple invitation for the occasion. I had some fun with my watercolors getting the right shades of purple to Cari's liking.

Their address has been changed to protect privacy.

Welcome to the world Emily!!! 

Matthew's Red Egg & Ginger Party

My husband's family is Chinese and it's a Chinese tradition to celebrate when a baby turns one month old. This tradition dates back to when infant mortality rates were high and new moms would spend a month in postpartum confinement. At this one month birthday, mom rejoins the world and they announce the baby’s name to family and friends.

Red represents good luck and happiness. Eggs are symbols of fertility and renewal of life. Ginger is representative of the postpartum mama; an ingredient that’s beneficial for her postpartum recovery. 

It’s also tradition to celebrate when a baby turns 100 days old. Since we live two states away from most of our friends and family, we chose to have Matthew's Red Egg & Ginger party closer to his 100 days birthday. 

Here's the invitation I created:

I had originally created a simpler invitation. When I showed it to my husband he joked that I should create a cartoon of our son riding a horse (it's the Year of the Horse), holding a red egg and some ginger. It was too awesome of an idea to NOT do!

We invited about fifty of our friends and relatives to join us at a local restaurant for a traditional Chinese banquet. I created a centerpiece that was made from an 8.5x11 piece of card stock that I tri-folded and put information on each of the three panels. One panel listed the evening's menu, one listed the names of everyone sitting at that table, and the third panel briefly explained the history behind the shindig for our non-Chinese friends and family.

Since a Chinese banquet is serves family-style on a lazy Susan, these centerpieces were easily moved once the food started coming out.

Lastly, I created this fun favor tag that adorned red, plastic eggs that were filled with ginger candy. My older son loved having the responsibility of handing these out to guests. 

It's often common to give dyed, hard-boiled eggs to guests, but neither my mother-in-law nor I wanted to boil and dye that many eggs. They never really end up truly red either, they usually end up pink. 

If you'd like to see more from my son's Red Egg and Ginger party, check out the full post on Mama Say What?!

Lindsey & Tyler's Baby Shower

Lindsey's BFF Carrie contacted me thru Etsy wanting to customize a cootie catcher as an invitation for the baby shower she was helping plan. The shower was to have a travel theme with lots of maps and globes as part of the decor. Unfold and you can read the details for the shower.

Carrie folded each cootie catcher and then placed them into cupcake boxes to be mailed. I LOVE how these turned out!!

Sara & Michael's Baby Shower

Sara and Michael were welcoming their first baby with a fun baby shower shared with friends and family. Sara picked a color scheme and wanted the invitations to have a storybook/library feel to them. We immediately thought of the library pocket cards that used to be in library books and the ideas took off from there. 

Funny enough, our kids will never know and understand what those library pockets were for!

The front of the invitation mimicked a page from a storybook. 

Flipping the invitation over revealed a pocket and the faux library card. It included important dates in their history along with rsvp and registry information. I used the Plum card stock from Paper Source to make the pockets.

The back of the library card contained a map to the baby shower venue.

In lieu of address labels, I was able to rig my printer to print directly onto the white envelopes. The front lists some of Michael and Sara's favorite book titles.

I LOVE how these turned out! Congrats guys!!

Cari's Baby Shower

My dear friend Cari is pregnant with her second baby and our friend Bonnie wanted to throw her a grand baby shower. I was thrilled to get to create the invitations and printed items for the big day. 

The color scheme was gold with lots of different purples and we were going with a vintage fairytale theme. I had so much fun creating these!!

Using card stock from Paper Source in their Plum color, I created simple pocketfolds that displayed the invitation and held the two inserts. I layered a metallic gold, vine-y ribbon on top of some purple satin ribbon and a couple pieces of card stock to hold the pocketfold closed. Both ribbons were purchased at JoAnn's.  

I backed the invitation with a mat using Stardream Antique Gold paper, also from Paper Source. I had everything printed at my local Office Depot. I have been really happy with the print quality from my local store. 

The two inserts:

This time I didn't want to do address labels, so I printed addresses directly onto the Antique Gold envelopes with my laser printer. 

At the shower, a simple welcome sign sat on an easel at the doorway.

Bonnie stained a couple dozen onesies and set up a decorating station. It was so fun!

Here's the onesie I decorated; my first time "painting" with a bleach pen!

I printed out a few quotes from famous fairytales or authors that we framed and displayed on the tables.

A "wishes for baby" card was at each place setting and Bonnie collected them to be made into a book for Cari. 

This shower was such a treat to work on! I'm working on publishing a more detailed post about the party itself on Mama Say What?! I'll add the link here once it's up.

Congrats Cari!!

Panda Themed Baby Shower

I created this baby shower invitation for a client a while back and I loved it so much I decided to expand on it and add it to my Etsy shop as a whole downloadable package. Here's a link to the listing: Panda Baby Shower

All of the files are writable PDF files, so you as the customer can fill in the information as it applies to the baby shower you're hosting.

Here's what's included:

All of the text can be edited on the invitation except the top three lines. Because of the nature of writable PDF files, you cannot change the alignment, size, color or font. 

This package comes with two options when it comes to an invitation insert. One is simple with just registry information. The second includes verbiage for a diaper raffle AND registry information. You can print whichever one you'd like.

Water bottle label and a "wishes for baby" card.

Place cards can also be used as food labels for a buffet and napkin rings can also be wrapped around candles or vases for extra decoration.

Favor tags can be printed onto adhesive paper and made into stickers or they can be printed onto card stock with a hole punched at the top for a more traditional favor tag. Thank you cards are designed to be printed as folded cards that are blank on the inside.

The last item is this card that lets guests take a guess on baby's birthdate and other fun stats. This can be a fun keepsake for new parents.

I am planning to add this same baby shower package but with this aqua and lime green color scheme too, stay tuned!!